Friday, September 13, 2013

Mothering instinct

Cadence is obsessed with babies.  She has been for as long as I can remember.  As soon as she spots a stroller she's yanking on my hand to "see the baby" (which she adorably pronounces 'bee-bee').  She mothers her baby dolls unlike either of my other girls ever did.  She spends a lot of time dressing her babies, feeding them, cleaning them.  Heaven forbid that I accidentally drop one of them!
We have talked about Sierra and Laurel growing in my belly but that I grew Cadence in my heart.  She seems to like that, but all she has talked about lately is growing a baby in her belly.  She says that she might grow one in her heart too, but she wants "lots of babies in her belly."  It's very sweet and I love to see her motherly instinct.  She did ask me the other day why her first mommy couldn't take care of her.  Cadence is so inquisitive and analytical, but I was a bit surprised to be fielding these questions when she is four.  I hope, though, that the sooner we talk about things like this the more she will come to understand and accept her story.
I do love to see, though, that despite her background, however she "makes a baby" her mothering instinct is deeply rooted.

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