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16 things about me (no Debbie Downer post!)

I don't know how many people did this, but it seemed like most of my friends on Facebook took part in "16 things about me". Who came up with this and why "16", I'm not sure, but it was fun to see some tidbits about people that I might not otherwise have known. This was almost five years ago! I thought I'd revisit my list and see how things have (or haven't) changed!

16 things about me December 18, 2008 at 4:55am (obviously written during night shift... some things don't change!)
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

 1. I work a lot - night shift. Hence, I am tired... very tired. I tend to blame my horrible memory on this, but really my memory has always sucked (just not to this degree). I still work night shift, but not nearly as much as I was back then. Brad was in grad school and I was the sole income in a job where my hours weren't guaranteed. I scheduled myself a lot of hours in case I was cancelled. When I was rarely cancelled I worked A LOT! And my memory continues to suck.

 2. While I try very hard not to wish time away, I CANNOT WAIT for July 2010 (this is when Brad will be done with school, bringing home a paycheck, and hopefully I won't be so tired!). See above. I look back on his grad school with not a hint of fondness. The hardest 2 1/2 years of my life.

3. I love to be silly and goofy with my girls. I make up random songs, dance like crazy, make silly faces, anything to hear those belly laughs. I still love to be silly but the above tactics don't work as well with the older two. Cadence, however, loves it. And I still ADORE to hear belly laughs from all of them. It feels pretty awesome to be able to get a belly laugh from your tween.

  4. A lot of people that I work with think that I am quiet. Brad doesn't believe me! I'm probably quieter at work now that I was then. I'm okay with that.

  5. I have a very hard time sitting still. It's actually a sickness, I think. I've even thought about learning how to knit so I'll have something to do with my hands on the rare occasion that I watch tv. Still so true. And I did learn to knit, although I'm usually folding clothes when I watch TV. That's my excuse to sit down during the day. I think I need more excuses!

6. I love, love, love my husband. He is my balance and he keeps me grounded. He intrigued me from the beginning and still does. He is a good man. The beauty of Facebook. Seeing what everyone else wrote in their "notes" made me feel like I'd be a "bad wife" if I didn't mention my husband for one of my "things". Reference #2, this was the absolute hardest time of our entire marriage. Honestly, at the time I wrote this, there was very little balance in our lives. I wanted to be back at the place we were with each other when we first got married, when life was much easier. I discovered that while raising children often feels like the hardest job in the world, I think that being married is equally, if not more, difficult. You don't have an out with your kids. You are a parent forever, nothing will ever change that. Not true for marriage. You can get out. It takes A LOT of work to keep a marriage happy and healthy. I look back at this time and take comfort knowing that we came through the other side with a stronger marriage.

7. I truly value my friendships. While my family means everything to me, there is definitely something missing when I don't have "girl time" with those I love to laugh with, drink with, and complain to. Still very true! I love my "Village" and know that despite moving away from them these wonderful women will always be a part of my life. I feel so blessed for my friendships near and far.

8. While I am not a fan of conflict, what I absolutely can't stand more than that is unresolved conflict. Still true, although I'm coming to accept that you can't make people fix what they don't want to fix.

9. I am probably oversensitive sometimes, although I try really hard not to be. I think I've gotten a little tougher, but sensitive is my nature.

10. I really love doing karate, but I hate doing kumite (sparring). It's quite simple - I am a wimp and I don't like to get hurt. I enjoyed doing karate. The complete focus that I needed in class forced my mind to take a break from the usual constant chatter. I always left class feeling refreshed. Until the next day, when I was popping Advil like candy. When Cadence came home I had to quit karate and as much as I miss it, my body doesn't! I never came to enjoy kumite though.

  11. While being a peds nurse can be hard at times, I feel very blessed to be able to do the job that I do. To be entrusted to care for someone's child, during one of the most difficult times of their life, makes me humble and thankful for each healthy moment of my own family's life. I really love my job. When almost every nurse I know if going to grad school I am perfectly content staying right at the bedside. I consider myself very lucky to have the job that I have.

12. My one wish and prayer for my children is that they are happy and at peace with themselves. (I'm still trying to obtain the latter) I still wish this for my kids and it has been so hard watching Sierra struggle with this. I continue to ask for this when I pray or may wishes.

13. I think I am probably OCD, but I try not to let it control my life. Is it normal to feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders when my house is sparkling clean? Probably not! Unchanged.

14. I feel passionately about organ donation. I personally think that there should be registry and if you aren't listed as a donor, you shouldn't be a recipient. Yep!

15. I fantasize about world travel. We have big plans for the future (read: post July 2010)! I want take my kids with me for medical missions, see museums on the other side of the world, swim in warms waters with tropical fish... but most on my mind now is traveling back to China with our 3 children. I got to fulfill one of my dreams when I went to Africa this year. I hope to make medial missions a regular part of my life.

16. I really had no idea how great life would be being a mom! They make me laugh, cry, worry, and feel more love than I imagined! Absolutely, without a doubt, 100% true. All of it!

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