Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend visitors part dos

Indoor water parks are my happy place!  A few years ago, when Brad was in midst of grad school hell, we went to Massanutten Water Park for Mother's Day.  We ran, we swam, we had a blast!  And for the first time in 10 months the words "I have to get home to study" were not uttered.  I am not kidding... that phrase was a staple in our life for 3 years.  Never hearing it again (at least from Brad's mouth) would not be a day too soon!  No one argues, few people cry, and we always have fun when we go!

So when our weekend guests were here we decided to head to Great Wolf Lodge.  Mali and Cadence loved the slides, Sierra and Laurel (ok, and Brad and I) loved the big slides, and I think Shawn and Theresa enjoyed their first taste of one of the happiest places in Virginia!  Naps aligned beautifully with arrival and departure, we had a great dinner at a BBQ joint where the kids ran around like wild and we did our best to ignore them, the kids finally got to play Magiquest and the little girls listened to the creepy  quaint storytime characters that night.  The girls loved their "campout" bunks as well as having the freedom to go out "on their own" to do one of the quests.  It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend with our new friends!

This pretty much sums up Cadence going down the slides!  But she did it over and over!

Mali and Cadence swimming

Mali checking out the slide

...and the fountain

So much joy, happiness, and even playing together!

Checking out the bunk

Relaxing on our bed


Look what a large piece of overpriced plastic can do!  It can open and even larger piece of plastic!  But the kids loved it.

Storytime (this was right about the time a little girl, 4 years old maybe, turned to me and said "No flash photography"  Really?!)

We found something new (and probably against the rules) to do with the room decor
Brad gives Mali a lift

Shawn gives Cadence a lift

Laurel loved her some Mali!

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