Monday, July 16, 2012

Live Alyssa Live

Yesterday was an emotional day.  Tears were shed for a lot of reasons.  We cried when the torrential rain and hail blew through and we thought we might be carried off by a tornado as well as the weather preventing people from showing up to the fundraiser.  We cried when we saw Alyssa and her family skyped in to the event because we were happy to see her but sad that they couldn't make it in person.  Then we cried because of the unfairness of it all... no 10-year-old should have to go through what she is going through.  Alyssa is fighting for her life everyday.  And then we cried because of the awesomeness of a community that can come together to support this family in so many ways.  And more tears when we saw the culmination of the event for this amazing family - over $13,000!

You see, many tears and many emotions.  We all hold our breath today as we wait for the Divers to find out news of Alyssa's scans.  I'm sure I'm not the only constantly checking or facebook to see how it went.

The event went well and it all started with one person asking herself "What can I do to help?".  She talked to a few friends and then spread the word on facebook.  Yes, it took many people to put this together and many people contributed, but it started with one.  So if you feel that your idea or contribution is insignificant or that you can't "truly" make a difference, think again! Way to go, Megan!

The blood drive collected 29 units of blood (some of them doubles).  Each unit of blood can help 3 people.

Lots of love was shared!

A great band entertained

Photographers and their subjects taking cover from the rain

Joy in facepainting!

More joy!

Yep, three photographers lined up for mini-sessions.  All of the proceeds went to the Divers family

Even Santa came down to give blood

Skyping with Alyssa and her family

Yes!  Live Alyssa Live

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