Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or treat!

 It was a chilly evening this year but we still had fun trick or treating!  The neighborhood close to us has homes on 3-7 acre lots so there can be A LOT of walking... so we decided to go back to our old neighborhood.  We hooked up with some good friends and tried our best to hit the houses that "give out the big candy bars".  The grown-ups nursed our warm beverages and breathed a sigh of relief every time the kids made it back down the long driveways, in the dark, in baggy/bulging costumes without wiping out.  Cadence did a pretty good job of keeping up with the big kids.

Laurel begged and begged for this Jasmine costume when we were at Disney World.  We all know that you do not actually purchase a  princess outfit AT Disney!  I came home and found the exact outfit, on sale, with the shoes, and free shipping - for $20 less.  Boo-yah!  Happy with the price but not completely thrilled with the outfit.  I think one of Laurel's main reasons for liking it is that it "shows her stomach".  Ugh.  Really?  You are SEVEN!!  But, the other things she wanted to dress up as were "zombie with lots of blood" or "vampire with blood".  I decided that I prefer Disney princess vs. horror character.  And she loved it!  She's worn the outfit almost everyday since she got it as an early birthday present.

Sierra pieced her outfit together early this year.  She begged me to let her see "Snow White and the Huntsmen".  Although I still haven't let her watch it she bought a few things based on the movie that she found at Claire's.  Her clothing choices have changed a few times over the past few months.  When she was all dressed and ready I told her that she had to be "something" because people will ask what she dressed as.  She decided that she was a "Modern Snow White".

Cadence was the easiest.  She picked a random dress out of the dress-up bin, put it on and claimed herself as Ariel!  It's actually a dress that Sierra wore when she was 4 or 5 so it was a tad big on Cadence, but it kept her warm.  I'm not sure how the pig mask fit into the picture, but, to each her own!

After freezing our tails off in the neighborhood we went back to our friends' house for hot cider and donuts. Ahh... the comfort of good food and good friends!  Back at our home the kids separated their candy into keep piles and give away piles.  The sugar high wasn't too bad before they crashed into bed!


Ariel the Pig?

Ready to go

Modern Day Snow White (?)

Will traded all of his candy with his friends for KitKats.  I thought it was very entrepreneurial!

Seperating the stash.  Notice how small Cadence's pile is?  Her dad "helped" her with her candy!

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  1. Mom,I went as a Clash. A mixture of all things