Friday, June 22, 2012

Perfect day for a hike!

I'm playing catch up, so just act like you are reading this at the beginning of June!  Between my schedule of working every other weekend and the endless farm projects going on, it's rare for our family to have a spontaneous family outing.  When outings occur they are always planned well in advance (at least in my head!).  When the first Saturday of the month arrived and the weather was  perfect we decided to head to Humpback Rocks for a hike.  Cadence was the only one smart enough to bring a jacket.  Lucky girl since it was 60's and windy when we got to the top.  Sierra and Laurel ran ahead and Brad and I let Cadence stop when she pleased to pick up a stick or look at a plant.  Besides the chill, it was a fabulous hike.  We ended our afternoon with lunch at Devil's Backbone Brewery.  Days really don't get much better than this!

Kings of the mountain

I think the coolness of that tree was lost on Cadence!

What a view!

Windy and chilly, but we persevered for the photo op


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