Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sierra's gift

Sierra has always had a "thing" for the elderly. Ever since she was small she has adored her great grandma, Bubba. A few years ago we volunteered in a local nursing home to visit with the residents. The first day that we arrived there was a patient sitting in a chair by the cafeteria. Sierra, six years old and with no prompting from me, walked right up and gave him a hug. She wasn't much for conversation during our visits but she loved giving hugs and the residents adored her. When she was younger and she would see someone mid-70's or older she would always say "hello". I could tell that her tone wasn't just a greeting in passing, but more of an invitation to talk.
I haven't noticed this much as she's gotten older until the other day. We were walking into the library and an elderly woman was sitting on the bench. I heard Sierra say hello and noticed the inflection in her tone. Later I asked Sierra where she knew the woman from and she said that she didn't know her, she was just being kind. Sierra has a tendency to become shy around most adults but apparently if they have an AARP card she's all sorts of friendly!
I feel that this is such a special quality. So often the elderly are overlooked in our society. They have so much wisdom and knowledge to pass on if one takes the time to slow down, stop, and invite them to share. I can envision Sierra becoming a geriatric nurse or doctor. And she will reap all of the benefits of her gift!

The girls and their Bubba

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