Thursday, October 20, 2011

Laurel's sweet heart

I feel so blessed to have children with such big hearts!  We frequent an outdoor mall area where there are usually a number of people asking for money.  I know lots of people have different views about this, but I have always been one to try to give them something if I have extra to give.  I have very vivid memories of the thankfulness from the homeless & poor when they receive something they need.

There is one gentleman who usually has a dog with him (I think the dog actually hangs out with a few people).  For months we'd see him in the same place and whenever we pass by the girls make sure that we give him a little money.  Laurel has frequently worried about this man.  She wants to collect warm clothing for the winter to give to him and in addition to taking him a sandwich and chips she wants to make sure to bring some fruit so that he is healthy. 

We gathered some food for him and dog treats and a toy for his friend and this sweet note that Laurel wrote.  We've been on the downtown mall a few times but haven't seen him in his usual spot and I've heard that he got a job selling t-shirts.  Laurel was so happy to hear this, but we'll continue to bring our goodies with us until she can give them to him.

"I'm sorry that you don't have a home.  I wish you did. You are really nice.  From Laurel Williams"

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