Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beach trip 2011

I'm attempting to catch up on my blog which has been neglected when the white walls of my house were finally too much for me to bear.  In the last month I've painted 3 rooms, put up one wallpaper boarder, and refinished a table!  Productive, but I need to document our summer memories! 

Cadence finally got to see the ocean!  We took an overnight trip to Virginia Beach in September.  Even though we forgot all of our beach toys, she loved it!  I brought cute matching outfits for the girls in an attempt to get a good summer portrait.  The attempt was unsuccessful to say the least.  On our way out to dinner I tried to get a picture of them on the pier.  Cadence refused to look at the camera much less smile and the girls all kept scooting back until I thought they'd fall off the pier!  After about 5 minutes of attempting to get them posed, an absurd amount of "look this way, smile, get closer", and only 3 pictures taken I turned around to find my husband exasperated and an old couple cracking up at the event!  Another attempt the next morning was equally unsuccessful but without an audience to mock us... at least that I could see!

It was a short but fun trip!  Laurel and Sierra love to ride the waves and Cadence loved playing in the sand.  We are hoping to have a week long beach trip next year!

Riding the waves!

Her favorite past time - throwing sand

You see what I'm talking about?!

Me and my girls

Cadence gets a lift from Daddy

Forgot this portrait attempt on the way home from dinner. 
 Yes, I think a 16x20 of this will do!

What a wonderful moonrise view with the fireworks from our room

Two out of three ain't bad according to Meatloaf. I disagree!

Playing in the cold morning ocean

Our quality sand toys compliments of our hotel

Big girls ride the waves

Is there a better way to end a beach trip than wonderfully sandy feet?!

Just had to throw this in... Laurel's love note to me before she gets on the bus every morning. 
 I heart her too!

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  1. Love the pics! Cadence has grown up so much. I also love Laurel's love note to you! How sweet!