Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good weekend

Brad went camping for the weekend so it was just the girls and me, gorgeous fall colors, perfect temperature, and lots of free time!  

See what I mean?  Gorgeous colors!  Between that and pumpkin spice everything, I love fall!

We started off our weekend with a birthday party for this little cutie!  She was so stinkin' adorable in all of her flowery pink it was ridiculous!  Austin's parents threw a fabulous Champagne and Cupcakes 1st birthday party for her.  We made a new discovery there...  Cadence HATES clowns.  Like, terrified, clutching onto Mommy for dear life kinda scared.  She wedged herself into the farthest corner of the house to be nowhere near him.  I figured we'd just hang out in there for most of the party, but luckily the clown went away at some point.  We enjoyed champagne, cupcakes, and friends for the evening!

Ridiculously cute!

"Where did that clown go?"

This is basically how she felt about the clown

Cupcake time!

Beautiful sunrise Saturday morning

I have been following a local farm blog since the spring.  Juniper Moon was having their fall sheep shearing and we were so excited to check it out.  There was a potluck lunch and maple cotton candy (who knew, right?) and lots of animals.  The shearer was a "bad-ass shearer"!  No really - she's going to Australia for the "Shearing Olympics" (who knew, right?). It was a low key and relaxing morning.

One very friendly llama

Friend Sophie joined us at the farm

Watching sheep shearing is very interesting!


I don't know how they make them go so limp

After!  Brrr...

That's a lot of fur!

The aftermath of one of the black sheep shearing

Saturday evening the girls got to don their Halloween costumes for their first ever Roller Derby event!  Sierra loved watching the match and figuring out what was going on.  Laurel attached herself to two of my friends and Cadence spent most of the time maneuvering the bleachers (and I spent most of my time making sure she didn't fall!).  It was another late night but so much fun!
Ladybug, witch, and "Your worst nightmare"(?!)

Security officer and her prisoner (prisoner Jessica is working her way to being a Derby Dame - she's my hero!)

Brad came home Sunday afternoon and we went to the park for dinner and bike riding.  We've been working all summer with one little girl, waiting for her to get to two wheels.  She's afraid to fall, to get scratched and hurt.  She didn't want to wear pants and long sleeves to protect herself because it would make her too hot.  She had moments of seeming like she wanted it, but one wobble and she was done.

Really... that is a smile!

Sierra has almost outgrown her bike

And there it is... One push and she was off!  She stopped at every corner and needed help to restart then finally resorted to her scooter, but she did it!  And later, when we weren't looking, she went back for more.  She pushed herself further and worked even harder so she could do it all on her own!  Proud moments!

Lastly we finished our halloween gingerbread house.  They never quite look like the ones do on the box, but cute nonetheless!

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