Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother's day - belated 5/22/2011

Yes, Brad, that's exactly what you do to get a smile out of a 2 year old for a picture... wave something around that they desperately want to play with!

On the weekend of Mother's Day we had just moved.  Brad didn't even know where the griddle was for the kids to make me breakfast.  Chaos was surrounding us and he begged me to let him make up Mother's Day on another day.  Of course, I said yes!  Why take a half a$$'d hearted Mother's Day when I could get a "real" one in a couple of weeks?!  We are both nurses so delaying the celebration of a special day on a particular date isn't new to us.

That's more like it!

Score 1 for Mother's Day gift!  Love my "mother's necklace" from Bel Kai designs.

Mother's Day hike to the back of our property to look at the Mountain Laurel bush.

Yes, I realize that Sierra is almost as tall as me... it's painful!

So, two weeks later I woke up to wonderful french toast and mimosas.  We then headed down to our local (now local!) Scottsville farmer's market and purused the fresh greens and baked goods.  After a few purchases the kids played in the park and then off to a kite festival we went.  No much wind, but plenty of sunshine and friends... and the four wonderful people in my life who make me a mom!
Too cute to not picture!

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