Friday, January 7, 2011

Surgery #2

My girl loves to smile! Big, cheesy, wide-open, "hey, you gotta smile back at me" kinda grins! Yes, it's bigger than usual due to her cleft, but beyond that, she puts her heart and soul into her smile. I believe one of Cadence's top priorities is to make people laugh... and she succeeds! People have said "She'll be beautiful when she gets her lip fixed". Yes, they have actually said this - to me! Regardless of the complete ignorance and rudeness of this statement I do realize that there are general "norms" that society considers "beautiful". Typically having a two centimeter gap in your lip doesn't fall in this category. But dang it, Cadence is beautiful!! Her eyes, her heart, her laugh, and her smile!

The day finally came to have her cleft lip repaired. I was nervous because surgery will always make a parent nervous. However, I was more nervous about the change to take place. Before I had children I remember a co-worker telling me that she grieved when her child had his cleft lip repaired. It seemed strange to me because of course he looked "cuter" once it was done, right? I get it now. Since the day I saw Cadence's picture in April I have loved everything about her. Now, one of her biggest, most shining characteristics was going to change. It would be an adjustment.

Cadence giving her cheesiest smile pre-op!
Below: When she's anxious she sucks on her blanket... soon that will be a little harder for her.

Gettin' goofy after some versed!

The surgery went great and the doctor was happy. He placed stents in her nose that will come out next week when he takes her stitches out. Surgery took about 3 hours and we were very excited to be able to go home the same day (it pays to have two nurses in the house!). It was shocking to see her. Her mouth is so tiny! I know there is swelling and that will subside and with time things will stretch, etc. Wow! What a difference! When we were driving home she looked so relaxed so I got my camera to take her picture. Without missing a beat, she cheesed it up! She wrinkled her nose and squinted her eyes. Her poor mouth didn't move at all, but I could still see her beautiful smile in there! Despite all of the obstacles this girl has gone through in her short life, joy is in her soul!


  1. Stacy,
    Cadence is beautiful as always and we are so glad to hear her second surgery went well. She looks great! We will pray she continues to recover well.

  2. It is definitely amazing what some people can say...Mali had the exact same comment(s) made to her pre-op too and I remember my "snarling mama bear" came out on numerous occasions to defend her beauty; she is beautiful because of who she is in her soul, and also because of her cleft lip, not in spite of it! I loved Cadence and Mali's smiles before surgery, and now I love them after. So happy that all went well!!

  3. I totally understand, there are still times I miss Levi's cleft smile and it's been over a year now. The first few days of his tiny mouth were very hard. Cadence is beautiful both ways! I hope we get to meet her at the CNY with FCM! (hint hint!)