Saturday, January 8, 2011

Laurel's addiction

Hello. My name is Laurel and I'm addicted to my little sister, Cadence. I ask for her first thing when I wake up and I can't go to bed without giving her a kiss. I have ignored my parents, big sister, friends, and grandparents to be with Cadence. I would probably skip baton and recess just to hang out with her. When Cadence is within my reach, I can't help myself but to grab her and squeeze her and love her... even when she screams and wants me to let go. My parents thought it was simply a novelty to have a little sister in my life and eventually I would become bored with Cadence, but that hasn't happened at all. As each day goes by I think my addiction to her grows even stronger!


  1. this is hysterical, are you planning on staging an intervention?? lol

  2. Oh my goodness! This post is I laughed..then I read about Cadence's surgery and I cried..just emotional..been there kind of cry for her..then I saw her finding ad..ugh..bawled like a baby! I was just thinking about this the other day and wondering how people go about finding these. I would love to know what company you used.
    So happy your little sweetie is recovering well. Prayers!!

  3. Oh--and Cadence looks AMAZING...altough you know I LOVE LOVE LOVED that beautiful smile before!!!