Monday, April 25, 2011

Feel good things

We are so close to moving into our new house! Just two more weeks! Wait... TWO more weeks?! I haven't started to pack a thing, I have no extra days off of work, and between now and then we'll celebrate two birthdays, an anniversary, and probably buy a car. And then we will move to a new house where we are already formulating lots of exciting endeavors and projects. Lots of time consuming, very involved projects. That will take... years.

Those of you that know me well know that these things cause me no stress. And when I'm feeling this kind of "no stress" I'm completely full of patience and serenity, making me the mom I always hope to be. So I'm never short-tempered, frustrated, and completely impatient with my husband and children. Yeah, right. Which, of course, makes me feel worse and behave worse and then feel even worse. I know that we all go through this, but it never makes it any easier when it happens. And then sometimes I find a quote, poem, or blog that speaks to me. It reaches me deep in my soul and makes me feel like it will all be ok... that I will be ok. So I'll print it off and put it in my "book of feel good things". When I do this, I'll look at my other "feel good things" and then, well, I'll feel good! It's amazing the power that words can have! So read here for some "feel good things"...

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