Monday, December 13, 2010

Moving and Growing

Cadence is growing and moving! She is in constant motion it seems. Always running here and there, getting in to everything... she never stops! Cadence loves to look at books. Well, she loves to look at one page of each book! She's happy to sit with 3 different toys and alternate playing with all of them. I'll view this as toddlerhood vs. ADHD at this point! She is definitely growing, though. At her 19 month check-up this month we found that she has grown 2 inches since she came home in September. Probably due to decreased eating after her cleft palate surgery, she has only gained 10 oz, but we were very pleased with her growth!

Our family is moving - not growing, though. We are definitely done growing! Our family of 5 feels like the perfect size for us. But we have moved out of our home of the past 7 years. We are currently living in a rental and hoping that they will break ground on our new home soon. The rental is set up with our furniture and our Christmas decorations, but I think I've had the hardest time adjusting out of everyone! I still feel like a visitor in someone else's house. It feels a little odd to walk around so casually in my pajamas, let alone trying to sleep in the "master bedroom". When someone knocks on the door I feel like I should answer "We don't live here"! The kids all seem to love the house and the novelty of being somewhere new. I think a few more family movie nights and pancake breakfasts will leave it feeling like it's our temporary "home" instead of "house".

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  1. love cadence's owl hat ~ too cute! and mali is the same way, growing up but not out...poor kid has no bootie but long legs so it looks like she is always ready for a flood. ha! hope you all have a merry christmas and that the festivities can be one more thing to help your house feel more like a home :)