Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Yes, she gets to sing it! Laurel has lost her two front teeth just in time to sing the song! After losing the first one a week ago she's been actively wiggling the other one just for this occasion. We've had the Tooth Fairy and an Elf wandering through our house at night this month! Laurel has always been "cute". Tiny button nose, sweet little voice, gentle nature. Generally, just cute! (I'm a little biased, but most people agree!) And now her two front teeth are gone and soon to come are some over-sized, too big for her little face, type of teeth. She will grow into them, which means, she will grow up. For some reason this makes me profoundly sad. I love to watch my children grow, but on the other hand I desperately don't want them to grow up. I want them to become competent, independent beings, but I don't want them to not need me. Such is the juxtaposition of being a parent. When I tell Laurel not to grow up she blames me. She says that I make her eat her vegetables. With perfect reasoning, she simply tells me not to make her eat her veggies and then she won't grow up. I'm considering it!

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  1. awww, I know the feeling. but i try to remind myself that i'm 35 and still feel like i need my mom...the needs are just different now, but they're still there. laurel is so cute!