Sunday, November 21, 2010

No rest for the weary!

We are almost 3 weeks out from Cadence's surgery and she is doing fabulous! Back to eating and sleeping normally and generally she's the happy, silly, playful little girl we love so much! She will have her lip repaired at the end of December or beginning of January. Although we are bummed that she has to go through another recovery we do love that smile! A friend made sweet comment the other day that she hopes to see Cadence before her next surgery because "...the smiles of cleft kids really light up the room!"
Last weekend we celebrated Laurel's 6th birthday! It's so cliche but so true... where has the time gone?! Laurel had a Spa Party and the 7 friends that joined her all had a ball! We painted nails, relaxing facial masks with foot massages, made body glitter and bath salts, and topped it off with a Princess cake. The best part was playing "Put the lipstick on Daddy"! I think it was one of my favorite birthday parties we have had!

Cadence was baptized today! It was a beautiful service and our pastor did a wonderful job of involving Sierra and Laurel in the baptism too. No tears from Cadence although I think she wanted to hop in the water to play. We had family and friends over to celebrate her day with us. It was a very special day!

We have a contract on our house now with a closing date of December 7th. Yikes! I haven't packed a single box yet! I must be in denial or truly hate packing (probably a combination of the two!). We plan to move into a rental until our new home is built. I am sad to be leaving this house. When we first saw the model in the Parade of Homes it felt like a dream home for us. We built it and got everything we wanted in a house. And then we moved in and made it our home. Sierra was only a year old. We have brought two children into our family here. We've rocked our babies to sleep here, we've watched our kids celebrate many "firsts", we've celebrated many holidays and birthdays and had many good meals with good friends and family. I know that we will always have these memories, but I am sad to be leaving the walls that hold them. Much love has grown under this roof. But now we will look forward to the future. To a new "dream home" as well as a a barn and farm animals too! We will build new memories there and our love will continue to grow wherever we are. We are blessed!


  1. Stacy,
    We are so glad to hear Cadence is doing so well post op! Good luck with your move. I know you are excited!

  2. So glad to hear Cadence is doing so well! I, too, will miss her sweet, sweet smile, but am so excited to see her repair. Looks like you have been busy. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Continued prayers for sweet Cadence! Love to you and yours!