Sunday, August 15, 2010


To say that the last week and a half has been overwhelming would be an understatement! We'll start with Thursday the 5th... we put an official contract on 24 acres of land to buy & I took the girls to meet their new teachers. On Friday Brad passed his nursing boards! After 3 of the most difficult years of our marriage it was overwhelming to know that it his schooling finally over and he is a CRNA. Never again to I have to hear the words "I can't do that, I have to study"! We were just so relieved it is over we barely had the energy to celebrate. Last Sunday I started to feel a little sick and managed to muddle through 2 nights of work. Sierra started school on Tuesday the 10th (3rd grade!). I felt awful on Tuesday so I didn't go to work that night but was there to see Laurel off on Wednesday morning for her first day of kindergarten. Proceeded to miss a tea party/shower and slept for most of the day on Wednesday. I spent Thursday with Laurel and friends having one last day off before she goes to school full time (kindergartners stagger their first day so she was off that day) - still feeling very hazy and tired. Friday was spent at Sam's club & various shopping to cover the weekend events... and also the wonderful day we got our travel approval (and incidentally forgot my mother-in-law's birthday). Saturday started with a baby shower in Richmond for a family who just came home from China with their daughter, Sierra went to a birthday sleepover, Laurel went to a friend's house and on to her swim banquet, and Brad & I had a mini date night to a friend's surprise birthday party. Sunday was spent cleaning the house & starting to get this lined up for our trip to China!

I'm worn out just writing about it! So while I managed to get the kids where they needed to go and appropriate gifts bought, I only managed about 50% on the actual celebrations. Sigh. Very frustrating that I cannot keep on top of everything and I apologize to everyone in advance for any of my oversights. That said, I need to get back to my packing list for China, schedule & arrangements for Laurel while we're in China, looking at house plans, planning Sierra's birthday party (the weekend before we leave) & getting her gifts!

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