Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sierra wanted to do something for the other children in Cadence's orphanage, so she sent a letter to a fabulous friend of ours who heads up a knitting group - K1D2. The wonderful women in her group made some adorable toys for us to donate to the orphanage! We cannot wait do bring some joy to the kiddos! Check out the link below to see some of the items.


Sierra is celebrating her 8th birthday this weekend! Every year, for her birthday party with friends, she has chosen someplace to donate her "gifts". The first year it was items for the animal shelter, later on books to the library, and then bingo prizes for a nursing home. It has always been fun deciding what to do each year and we've always come up with a way for Sierra to take an active part in the giving process (ie. being able to actually drop the items off herself). Of course, she still gets plenty of presents from family & close friends, but she enjoys the giving too!

It was obvious what she would do this year... something for the orphans in China. Sierra wanted to collect toys & clothes to take with us, but luggage space is at a premium. So, we are collecting monetary donations for any party-goers who wants to participate and plan to buy items when we get over to China. Sierra is very excited about the things we will be able to give to the children who won't be coming home with us!

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