Monday, August 9, 2010


I've officially become a stalker! I check my emails CONSTANTLY! I have suddenly become desperate to get our TA. I think part of it is now that Brad officially has a job and our life is getting on track it is time for Cadence to be here! Another big part, though, is that I recently found out about some happenings in China. Their Moon Festival happens in September and their national holiday is early October. Basically China shuts down for these events. Now once we get our travel approval we need to get our consulate appointment to make things official before we can bring Cadence home. This consulate appointment is usually 2'ish weeks after you get TA, but could be a bit longer. Therefore, if we don't get TA until early September these holidays could cause quite a delay for our consulate appt... thus causing quite a delay before we can travel. Ugh!

All of this has caused me to become borderline paranoid that we won't get our TA in time and hence, won't end up traveling until October! I know, the pessimist in me is winning over a bit. So keep fingers crossed and prayers coming that we get our TA soon!! (as in - this week!)

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  1. Stacy,
    I am with you we have been waiting now 8 weeks for our TA!! I am about to be committed before we travel LOL! We are suppose to get it this week. I hope and pray for us both to get them soon!