Thursday, July 8, 2010

No update for you!

I keep hearing this in my head with a Soup Nazi accent! "No update for you... or me". We found out yesterday that our adoption agency had asked the orphanage for an update on Cadence last month. The orphanage said that "everything was current" and wouldn't give any other information. I certainly hope she has grown some since the only info we have on her is from when she was 5 months old! Although I expected this might happen I feel very disappointed.

Well, on the upside, our paperwork is processing like it should be. Basically I am just keeping tabs on everyone that should be getting the correct papers from one place to another. I really don't even know if we have to sign anything else before we go! We are getting ready to send in for our visas.

We have recently had to have some difficult discussions about whether to bring Sierra and Laurel with us. We have been planning that they would join us from the beginning, they have their passports and their immunizations. Unfortunately, travel costs have increased exponentially. Both international airfare as well as in-China travel have increased by 50-60% than when we first looked at things. We are going to wait before making a final decision, but it just might not work out right now. I know that one day we'll go back to China to visit when Cadence is older, so they'll get to go at some point... they were just planning to go now.

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