Friday, July 2, 2010

I-800 Provisional Approval

Yippee!!! I found out today that we received our I-800 provisional approval (different from our I-800A). This means the US consulate has approved Cadence to come to the United States. The US consulate should then send it on to NVC (National Visa Center) who will then cable it to Guangzhou. While I've understood all of the legal stuff and timelines up to this point for some reason my head is spinning with this part of the process! Maybe because it means we'll be actually traveling to China to bring our daughter home soon! We are still looking at an August timeline. Sierra is hoping to celebrate her birthday there (8-28)!

At this point I'm getting our visa paperwork together. Interestingly it cannot be mailed off... it must be hand delivered. While I contemplated making a day trip to deliver this and then hit the zoo in DC I decided to just suck it up, forget the stress of additional driving in an area I hate to drive in, and pay a courier service to do this for us. I am also watching fellow adoptive parents discuss the (very high!) airline ticket prices that they are currently seeing to get them to China. Yikes!! I'm simultaneously saying a small prayer that Brad will be able to start working - soon!

On a lighter note, Sierra came home with a stack of pictures that she had drawn recently. She drew a cute on of her and Brad on a motorcycle and wrote "Coolest Dad Ever" at the top. Another one had two hand prints with the thumbs overlapping and a heart above it. It said "mom" above one hand, "daughter" above another, and "connected" written in between. Made my heart melt to see that! Another picture is a large Ying Yang she drew with smaller ones stamped all around. (I don't know if she is aware of the significance of the symbol). It says "To: Cadence. From: The sister that loves u most." Have I mentioned how much I love my girls?!! I'll see if I can scan them and post them later.

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