Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sierra's poems and courage

This is my girl. My sweet, shy, beautiful girl who is quickly growing into a young woman. She took a creative writing through the county's summer fine arts academy. She's not one for sport camps but this was right up her alley. Until she got there the first day and I got a text that said "Mom, we have to read out loud. I can't do it. MOM. I can't take this class." My beautiful girl and her anxiety. She's always so worried that she will mess up or look dumb. It breaks my heart. Some of it is the stage of adolescence where she feels all eyes are on her all the time. Some of it is her personality. All of it I hope that she grows out of and that this hard time makes her a stronger person. But she did it. She stuck it out (and loved the class) through to the end. On the last day the class went to a bookstore on the downtown mall and she stood up in front of at least 50 people, took a deep breath, gathered all of her courage and read her beautiful poetry. She spoke loudly and clearly. I couldn't see her face (she was turned towards her classmates who were downstairs) but my parents were did and said that she looked happy. And proud of herself, I hope,
because I sure am.
Since she's actually given me her blessing to write about her on my blog I'm taking the opportunity and running with it to show off some of her fabulous poetry. The first poem is what she
read in the bookstore. The last two she did during the school year as a "guess what I am" theme.
The Carnival
Snow drifts to the ground
Red and white cones that once spiraled into the air
Lay torn and wounded on the ground
Beasts have been freed
Their metal constraints lay broken on the frozen ground
Memories of laughter and cheers ring through the abandoned playground
Horses that went around and around stand frozen
Hooves paused at the ready
Waiting for their turn to spin again
Distorted mirrors line the hall, cracked from an old drunk's fist
Shattered glass is scattered across the ground, sharp and ready to cut
Now I know why they left
What am I?
I drift through the air
And ride the wind
Twisting through cracks in the walls
I disappear a little more with each twirl
I am graceful and quick as I dance away from my creator
A violent and deadly creature
I serve no purpose but beware -
My sickly sweet scent will drown you with pleasure
I am nothing
Yet I intoxicate all who dare to breathe
What am I?
Only I hear a song
As I dance and I twist
As I glide up the walls
And slide across ceilings
I hiss and I hum
I crackle and roar
A tap of my fingers
Illuminates forests
One whisper can kill
When it turns to a scream
My warm glowing light
Will leave you devastated
(Answers: Smoke and Fire)

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