Friday, October 4, 2013

Wine vs. Whine

It's interesting how two words that sounds exactly alike can conjure completely different feelings when I think about them. For example:

Wine - relaxing, enjoyable, letting go
Whine - tension, frustration, rocking in a corner (maybe with a glass of wine!)

Cadence was on a big whining kick for quite a while, probably in response to the chaos and stress of packing, moving, etc.  She had gotten much better, until Brad and I made a horrible mistake.  We talked about how much "better" she had been and how she had been whining a lot less.  Note to self: don't jinx a good thing by discussing it!  I hate these phases because it makes me incredibly sad when I'm not enjoying my time with the girls.  I know I'm not going to relish every single day, but I don't like when I am counting down the minutes to bedtime day after day.  I decided to talk to Cadence about it.

Me: Do you like to spend time with Mommy?
C: Yes.
Me: Do you like to spend time with me when I am happy and silly and we have lots of fun?
C:  Yes.
Me:  Do you like to spend time with me when I'm grumpy and frustrated and yell?

(Here is where Cadence didn't follow my intended text!)
She is supposed to say "no" and then we'd talk about how much more fun it is to be with someone who is happy, not whining, etc.  Instead she said:

C:  Yes.
Me: You do?  Why?
C:  Because I like to make you happy.

Wow.  I kind of suck right now.  I think I need some wine!


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