Thursday, October 31, 2013

Accidental voyeurism

Living in an apartment lends itself to this accidental voyeurism that happens on a daily basis.  The non-sexual kind, of course. (Although the people that lived above me in my first apartment would have been a true voyeur's dream!  I mean, really, who has sex at 4am on a Tuesday night?)  Existing in such close proximity to others can give you a glimpse into their lives that makes them feel like less than a stranger... for better or worse.  Simply walking out of my apartment I can hear who is having a good laugh, a loud discussion, or who's losing their s#* because their kids aren't ready on time.  My olfactory sense tells me who is eating Italian or Indian or who just burned something.  Then there is the mail room.  The days when a ton of packages are in there waiting to be picked up.  While you may not know what is inside, it's interesting to see who is buying from where.  Ok, so that may not be "accidental" when I check those out.  In my defense, as I was walking to my door the other day I saw a neighbor down the hall who informed me that I had a package waiting for me downstairs, so I'm not the only one!  What a difference, though, from our lives a few months ago. Back in August I could have been dancing around a bonfire naked and no one would have know.  Now, everyone is well aware when I've burnt breakfast or my kids are running late!

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  1. Ha...dirty little confession time...I have always thought that if my current career doesn't pan out, I'd probably make one heck of a private investigator. Who doesn't let themselves "get curious" from time to time? Adorable pic of KK , btw. Hope all is well with you guys!