Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tucking Cadence in

When we were waiting to go to China and bring Cadence home I put together a care package for her.  My mom sewed a small lovey to send and we made a larger blanket to have at home when Cadence got there.  I wanted her to see something familiar when she saw her bed for the first time.  When we met Cadence the orphanage workers returned the disposable camera as well as the photo album that we included in the care package.  I don't know if Cadence ever saw any of the other items that we put in there.  I do know that she didn't display a particular fondness for the blanket that my mom and I made.  Actually, when Cadence came home from China she didn't care for any blankets except for the one that she chewed on.  She refused to be covered by anything when she slept... for two years!  I know that some orphanages don't have much (or any) heat.  In order to make sure that the children stay warm they would sometimes dress them in four or five layers.  I'm thinking that she may have never slept covered with a blanket or sheet.  We have always doubled up her pajamas in hopes that she'd stay warm enough.  Finally, though, Cadence has let us cover her with a blanket at night.  Don't we always want to know that our children are cozy and tucked in?  A couple of weeks ago I dug out the blanket that my mom and I made for her.  She loves it!  She excitedly talks about how I made it when she was in China and waited for her to use it when she came home!  Almost three years ago I held the blanket in my hands anticipating tucking her in with it... I just didn't know that I'd have to wait two and half years.  Better late than never!

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