Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cadence's 3rd birthday

Exactly two weeks ago we celebrated Cadence's 3rd birthday!  As every parent says at every birthday... I can't believe she's that old!  Where has the time gone?  Cadence has been with us now for more than half of her life.  She is spirited, bold, independent, hilarious, determined, and kind.  She loves to put on a show.  Laugh at something she does and prepare to see it at least 13 more times!  We are so blessed that she found her way to our home.  Happy birthday Sweet Girl!

She vacillated between Elmo, Dora, & Minnie Mouse for her birthday cake.  At the 11th hour we settled on making Elmo cupcakes, using Minnie Mouse plates, and giving Dora stickers to our friends at the party.  Cadence had four sweet little girls over to help celebrate her day.  All five of the families have three kids and between us all there is only one boy out of the 15!  Isn't that crazy?
Cupcakes and playtime made for fun time for the kids and an easy party for this mama!

That evening Brad, Sierra, Laurel, Cadence and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner and enjoyed their delicious fried ice cream for dessert.  We came home and Cadence opened her gifts from us.  Her favorite that she spent the rest of the evening on - her new scooter!  She was so excited to get to hang with the big dawgs (aka her scooter riding sisters!).

We had two professional photographers at the party.  Between the two of them I'm not sure why we couldn't get one shot of all of the girls smiling! (Just kidding Brook and Megan!)

The Birthday Girl

Ann playing air guitar?

And Blair serenading everyone!

Happy birthday to you!

Sierra  helping Cadence ham it up at the restaurant.  As if she needs any help!

One of Cadence's favorite things - Group Hug

Posing girls

She's on a roll!

I LOVE this girl

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  1. Happy Birthday to Cadence! Keaton turns 3 on the 21st. Hard to believe they are already 3! Time flies too quickly! She is so adorable!