Thursday, March 8, 2012

My handyman

Growing up, most household tasks and projects (and by projects I mean hanging a curtain rod) involved a lot of words that I wasn't supposed to be hearing!  My dad was not the handiest guy.  He could usually cover the small things, with the expected expletives, but big projects involved the help of my very handy grandfather.  Therefore, the desire to marry a man who could tackle big projects around the house never entered my mind.

At our first house Brad built an arbor and a shed with our neighbor's help.  When we moved to our second home he talked about larger projects that he wanted to do - by himself!  I was skeptical to say the least.  He said to me "If I can do this you need to stop doubting me and let me do what I want to do."  And he did it!  And I stopped doubting him. 

 Now, I am amazed by all that he does!  In the works now:  building a barn, building a fence, walkway with steps to the pool, retaining walls, and an area for a chimney fireplace.  Yes, there are times that it's not so convenient.  A lot of his free time is tied up in these activities.  But he enjoys doing it and it saves us some money.  Despite "handyman" never being on my "husband material" list,  I sure did luck out here!

The retaining wall and steps that will lead from the side yard to the pool

Retaining wall on the opposite side of the house

Seating and space for the chimney fireplace

The barn so far

All we need is some grass!

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