Tuesday, February 21, 2012


You know those moments when you feel that this parenting thing you've got going on is truly the best gig in town?  This was one of those moments.  It made me laugh and remember and feel so stinkin' happy to be a mama to these girls!  We videotaped Laurel in 2009 when she came down from naptime with her hair full of clips.  She was so proud of herself!  I'm pretty sure that Cadence has never seen this video.  The other morning, Cadence was quietly hanging out in her room - which always means something is going on!  She walked out of her room like this...   So funny, so proud, and so completely adorable!

Laurel 2009

Cadence 2012

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  1. That is the most adorable thing! I love how they're both so proud of themselves- "I did it by myself!!" Too cute!! My dd is just now starting to sort of get into bows & barrettes at age 5 (she refused any hair stuff at 18 months & barely let me brush it). I feel like I've missed out on those fun girly things.