Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brightening my work day

I guess I should actually say "brightening my work night".  I have been working a lot this week.  We have a lot of projects around the house that we can use some extra cash for as well as a vacation that we are planning for the fall (it involves a certain mouse - yay!).  The girls complain when I work.  I remind them that I only work part time, that they are sleeping when I'm at work, and that someone needs to take care of the sick kids.  And I do love my job.  Although there are some nights that I look forward to a short respite from being a mom, I always miss them, even when I just work for one night.

So when I'm wishing that I was tucking them into bed instead of my patient, I check out my locker.  Two adorable pictures that were drawn for me (I laminated them because I loved them so much) and their photos.  It helps me get through some a long night and brings a smile to my face!

Laurel, 5 years old
"Cece, me, and china girl hiding behind a flower from Mommy"
(obviously before we met Cadence)

Sierra, 6 years old
"I heart Mommy"

I really need to update, but I love the pics of Sierra and Laurel

And my favorite!

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