Thursday, July 21, 2011

If you give a girl a cherry...

I do not like staying inside my house all day.  Some of it is because of my sickness, the inability to completely relax in my own home, looking around at everything that needs to be done.... because Something always needs to be done!  Obviously with an active toddler running around there is no way to get Something (everything) done, so I choose to leave my home instead!  Except for days when the heat index is 112 degrees, when even the pool won't be refreshing.  The days when a run to the store might be okay except that your car is 150 degrees when you get back in it.  So, we decided today that our goal today was to "Not go outside"!  (Not to include feeding and watering animals, of course.) 

We started the day with a great speech therapy session for Cadence.  She recently got a new therapist and I really like her!  She is young and full of enthusiasm, pushes Cadence in her speech, but knows when to lay off too.  I think it's good match for both Cadence's ability and stubborness.  As we listened to some Ingrid Michaelson, we then moved on to cleaning up the 6+ pounds of cherries that I had to do something with,  which segwayed nicely into some artwork and finished up with a delicious cherry pie!  While Cadence napped and I got Something done (unpacked more boxes) Sierra and Laurel hung out in a sheet fort to watch a movie. After a dinner of octopus and seaweed and microwaved Peeps the girls had a shaving cream bath and we ended with a movie night for all of us (yes, I know, 2 movies in one day, but hey, we were inside ALL day - not something that I ever do!).  All in all, a fairly productive, fun, stress-free day spent IN my house!  I could get used to this!

Sierra is trying to finish the Harry Potter series before school starts

Cadence reading over her speech eval

If you give a girl a cherry...

she'll want to help take the pits out...

and then she'll see how juicy they are and want to mash them up...

(Evidence of last's night swim meet!)

and want to use the juice to paint with!

Movie time!


The dried cherry/blueberry juice art.  What I don't understand is why the colors stay so bright when they are on the kids' clothes, but not on the paper!  Lesson learned... anti-climatic finished project.

Octopus in seaweed

Poor Peeps, they have no idea what's in store for them! (Insert maniacal laugh!!!)

Watching the show.  They were eaten too quickly afterwards to take pics.

Shaving cream in the bath never gets old!

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