Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

For Christmas we gave ourselves the gift of an overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge. It was a two-fold gift... I've been DYING to go there & we got the kids fewer individual items which equates to less stuff piling up in our house! If you haven't ever been you absolutely must go!! They are all around the US. For those who don't know it's an indoor water park & lodge. The park is "free" with your purchase of an overnight stay and because you can go both the day you arrive AND the whole day that you are checking out, it's actually a pretty good deal. There are themed rooms, so Sierra & Laurel had their own little bunk nook with a TV & all (not that they ever watched it!). Cadence actually slept well in her pack-n-play and we were thankful for that. Brad and I took turns hangin' with Cadence and going on the slides with the big girls. Now that I think about it, I don't think he and I ever swam in the same pool at the same time! But everyone had a blast! Cadence loves the water, waterslide, and all of the fountains. It bodes well for a summer filled with pool time! Of course, Sierra & Laurel always have been waterbabies!

Cadence ventures down the slide - with a little help from Laurel!

Bunk beds

Cool picture of the girls under a waterfall at night

The fam... is Sierra already reaching that age where she's going to looked pained everytime we bust the camera out?!

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