Friday, May 22, 2015


We have a new(ish) girl in our home who has totally captured our hearts! After Shiloh died last year Brad had a hard time thinking about getting another pet. The girls were all ready, but we had to wait until Brad felt it was time. These four legged animals really do find a place in your heart and home and when they are gone it can be difficult to think about opening up that place once again. One day last September, though, Brad saw this picture.
Jolie is such a beautiful girl. She's a mutt... a little husky, maybe some shepherd, something small! She's only 30 pounds. But those eyes just draw you in. She was with an organization called
Animal Connections. They rescue dogs from shelters and put them into foster homes until they can find a forever family.

She was in a foster home not far from us so Brad and I went to visit her. We didn't tell the girls because we didn't want them to be disappointed if it didn't work out. As soon as we sat down on the couch Jolie came over to Brad, gingerly climbed up into his lap, laid her head on his chest and looked up at him with those eyes. He was sold! She loves attention and will sidle up to almost anyone she meets and test the waters to see how much love they will give her. She can be protective when someone (men usually) come into the house. Her hackles are raised and she is high alert if it seems like someone isn't a friend. She's very intuitive.
Jolie was found as  a stray in Abingdon and Animal Connections rescued her from a shelter down there. We think she's about two years old and she had had puppies fairly recently. She didn't bark until she was in our home for almost a month and she still doesn't bark much now. We noticed shortly after she came home that she cowers when we hold an umbrella, so we realized that she's not been treated well at some point. We didn't know how bad until I took her to the vet because she limps sometimes. The x-ray showed that she is full of buck shot. Poor girl. Maybe she
was shot on purpose or maybe someone mistook her for a fox. Regardless, she has had a hard life before we found her.
Despite all of that though, she is completely full of love! She
gives and takes all the love she can get. If anyone lies down and
simply says her name she shimmies on over, tucks her head
into their neck, and is in 7th heaven!
Jolie's position of choice!

I think she fits into our family very well!


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