Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beach vacation 2013!

In "honor" of the fact that it snowed less than a week ago and it's dreary and raining all weekend, I'm posting my album from our beach vacation last summer that I never got around to.  Maybe, just maybe, it will help me survive the next 2 months until it's time to go there again!  We went to Outer Banks, NC with some of our favorite people!  My parents came, our friends Shawn, Theresa, and Mali, and Shawn's parents and his brother's family who have three girls the same age as mine all joined us... it worked out perfectly!  I'm so glad that the red thread has brought our families together and that Theresa and Shawn went out on a limb to come meet us a couple of years ago.  We always have so much fun together and Cadence and Mali are two peas in a pod!
Our view
Theresa goes to great lengths for the photo op

Mexican night

Mali and Cadence are such good helpers!

Oh, my girl!
It may be loud but the results are good!
If you don't have a bandanna for the piƱata sombreros work just as well

The kids' favorite nighttime activity
Ocean, pool, hot tub, repeat...

The pool bar doubles as a floatie

Deep conversations pool side

This is what Sierra wanted to do from the time she got up until the end of the day

Girlfriend knows how to photo bomb already!

Worn out

This is as good as family photos get nowadays

Mali is like family!

Game time

Mentally, she's giving me the middle finger... how I look forward to actual teen years!

So helpful

The excitement!

And the cold!

Grown ups night out

A huge storm came through but brought...

these skies

Totally worth it

Last days of play time

Trying to get a group shot

Decent ones...

and then it devolved!

You see why we can't wait to go back?!
Shaver-Williams clan

Theresa and I woke early to take in the sunrise before we left.  Love these people!
We are counting the days to do it again!

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