Sunday, November 24, 2013

Uganda - the signs

There were so many signs unique to the country that they deserve their own post!  Some funny, some scary, and some very proactive for the country and it's people.
Posted in the hospital.  The picture made me crack up!

On top of the sign is one of "storks"

One of those storks. Gross!  But there were signs for paint everywhere.  I wondered if the businesses got props for advertising.

In the grocery store


On our tour by Jinja.  Beyond curious to know why!

Our own sign, but funny nonetheless.  Kermit holding the ECHO machine hostage.

These were paintings in the pediatric ward

Was this meant to be comforting?!  I can only imagine the uprising if this was on our wall at work!

Kampala is fairly progressive in their effort for HIV prevention
(on a funny note, Sierra saw this picture and asked if those were pacifiers!)


One of the scarier signs
This land is not 4 sale!

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