Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cute kids and tractors

What do you get when you combine a new camera lens, a beautiful summer evening, and six really cute kids?  Way too many pictures!
So many pictures that it's taken me months to weed through them and decide which ones to post.  Way back in early 2010, shortly after we received our referral, I was religiously following our adoption agency's yahoo group (in hopes of an answer as to when our paperwork would arrive).  Another parent mentioned an hour and a half drive to get their fingerprints done in Virginia (our agency was nationwide).  I asked where she was driving from and lo and behold she lived in Charlottesville!  They were anxiously waiting to travel to China to adopt their son.  He is their third child, their second adopted child.  Julie and Jared, besides being awesome people in general, were a great resource to help us get through the wait to travel to China.  They traveled to get Charlie Lucas shortly after we brought Cadence home.  Due to the craziness of life and two families with six kids between us, it took us a while to finally gather everyone for dinner at our new home.  It finally happened in June.  I was very excited to use my new camera lens and Brad was very excited to have a kid actually want to ride his tractor (he has to beg the girls to ride with him!).

Laurel and Mary enjoy reclining

Can I bottle her enthusiam?

Sweet Sierra

The whole gang with the big sisters controlling helping the little ones

They love these apple trees

I'm telling you this kid should be a Gap model!

I'm sure he's just showing someone that rock!

Who knew gravel was so much fun?

Adorable Caroline

Finally the tractor rides started!

Can't wait to do it all again!

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