Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st, 2010

I just got an email saying that our adoption agency received our Letter of Acceptance (LOA)!!! Yippee!! I think I have had a perma-grin since I found out! It will be overnighted to us and we need to sign it then send in our I-800 paperwork to immigration. Luckily I have most of the I-800 paperwork filled out so we will get this sent out this week. The email also came with a 19 page packet of "homework" for me to review as well as the link for an online presentation for travel orientation! In addition to trying to get her room ready, taking a karate test (myself, Sierra, and Laurel) and starting swim season... well, let's just say we'll be busy! So happy to be at this point though! CCAI hopes that we will travel within 10-13 weeks!

Yay! One step closer to bringing Cadence home!

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  1. Wow! you are getting close stacy, that is exciting! you will have your hands full this summer;)